Saturday, 31 January 2009

2012 - The Odyssey


101 said...

The change is the evolution of consciousness in man to the realization of our true nature, simple as that.

Pera said...

Pure masonic depopulation propaganda dressed in 'new age' mambo jambo. Using good thinkers as Terence Mckeena to appear fundamented. Can anyone explain why the lady visit the Georgia Guidestones and the Denver Airport?! Watch this and be welcome to brainwash.

Wagner said...

Better watch the whole film before giving it's credits. I watched it expecting a positive response to 2012 The movie. And found maçonic deception.

101 said...

Agreed propaganda with a few truths chucked in to try to hide the Bull sh*t.
Posted it because I know many wanted to watch it but it really is mostly dis info and the way she appears to be on a journey and just happens upon these places by chance adds to the complete falseness of the whole movie.

Jim Clark said...

Hi everyone, what's with this reaction to the video. Can someone please tell me why you believe that this is "Masonic Propaganda". I have spent some time looking into conspiracy theories and obviously secret societies are generally Occult organizations. However, I have found personally that very few people that write on Secret Societies have a thorough understanding of Spirituality.

Ok, clearly Mr 101 (for lack of a better name, can you throw me a name to refer to you by please?) you do understand Spirituality to a high degree, and also you have an interest in Conspiracy theories. I have found very little coherence in the Conspiracy community. Jordan Maxwell and Michael Tsarion seem very poor from what I've seen, some of what David Icke says is very good, some of what he says I am quite critical of. Most of these figures accuse each other of being Goverment agents in the same way that Christians accuse each other of being false prophets.

Ok, the journey is a tool for presentation of information, a context for dialogue. What's so deceptive about that?

101 said...

Hi Jim, In the deepest spiritual sense all words, all form are lies as their is only one ultimate truth to all things being actually no thing.
The odyssey has some interesting ideas about 2012, nothing new though, but is seems to have quite a masonic bias added too it, it is what it is though.
I seem to be between duality and non duality.In duality I have an opinion usually constructed by what I have learned or believed in my lifetime and sometimes I'll voice that opinion, which will be biased in some way.
In non duality I seem to not really have an opinion any more, you might say i'm past caring.
I don't mean this to sound callous or lazy but I just don't give a shit anymore, surrender to whatever!
I'm no spiritual teacher, there is nothing to learn, we are all perfect already.
I would give you my name but i'm a nobody not trying to be a somebody and the old me seems to be dissolving away any way!

I want to thank you guys who read this blog,when I started out it meant a lot to me, it wasn't even about non duality it was about the conspiracy theories I had been so hooked on the last 20yrs but I caught a glimpse of the game as it is really being played and then felt compelled to spread that instead.
Well the desire to spread anything is vanishing.
If you truly want to be what you have always been just Be,nothing is necessary, no meditation, ritual or study will help you, you might as well give it all up right now and just BE.
That is the big secret, there is no secret, no special path or breathing exercises.
Just Be

Jim Clark said...

Hi Mr 101 (I'm just going to call you that!), nice to hear back from you. I'm glad to hear that your moving away from the Conspiracy theories, I do believe that there is some truth in them (particularly to do with Finance), however it's a messy, messy field (like UFO's), and is very difficult to sort fact from fiction. It's helpfull to know what the problem is, but we should be focussed primarily on the solution.

As for Non-Duality, just remember to ground the awareness of the Absolute into the world that the rest of us live. If you can live in a state of constant Pure awareness then I congratulate you. As for there being nothing to do except simply Be, it's of course a matter of considering both the Absolute and Relative truths and existing half-way between the two. Whilst, in the Absolute sense all is Bliss, Love and Truth, in the Relative sense their is much ignorance of this truth to be dispelled. The most advanced teachers assume a very high level of understanding is already attained, before giving the seemingly nonsensical teachings that there is no world, no nose, no eyes, no suffering, no liberation, no individual Spirit (Atma), only Infinite Consciousness/Brahman.

I wish you the best with your personal Spiritual pursuits, may I also encourage you to keep an interest in the manifest world, as there are countless being that suffer as a result of ignorance/avidya.

The greatest Saints, knowing that all is Bliss kept this peace in their hearts and embraced the world of appearances, serving others and striving to bring the rest of the world into awareness of truth.

At this time in particular, I believe it is critical that those who see truth stand up strong and proclaim that truth to the world. There are many that speak lies to the masses, the voice of truth needs to respond constantly.

In regards to Freemasonry, it is confusing that the organization simultaneously teaches Esoteric and Occult knowledge whilst standing accused of being a front for political and social engineering. Certainly, Freemasons are a mixed bunch, Manley Palmer Hall was a brilliant philosopher, whilst Aleister Crowley was probably not a pure soul. I have a friend who is a Mason, he is a wonderfull person who uses suppressed technology to heal. Perhaps a good comparasion would be that their were Mystics within the Christianity at the same time that the Church was suppressing Science and killing Heretics.

I enjoy these discussions with you, please keep in touch.

Take care,
God Bless,
Hari Om

Wagner said...



Sensei said...

These are days of miracle and wonder & Earth is a wonderful place to be!

A couple of reminders to us all on the nature of form vs. essence…

Rid yourself of desire in order to realize Universal mystery.
Allow yourself to have desire in order to experience Universal manifestation.


Life is a garden… Dig it!