Sunday, 29 March 2009

Total acceptance and doing the obvious

I have not been moved to post much recently but I'm still alive and kicking!
I've been practicing total acceptance of all things and situations in my daily life and gradually the personal me seems to be dissolving, almost like an emptying of my interior.
Decisions are not as before, mind is not as involved, if a choice has to be made, the obvious route is taken.
I have given up trying to know everything as there is nothing really to know and there is no one to know ultimately.
Mind is much quieter and the world has come alive, vibrant, blissful and exactly as it should be.

I'm just touching base with you guys and will do a proper post when I am able to put some of the realizations I have had into words, if that is possible.
I kinda feel like a caterpillar must feel just before turning into a butterfly, a cliche I know but it best describes the sensation.

Love you all

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

John Harris - Illusion, Common and Commercial Law & the Ego

Loose the ego to see clearly, to be the truth we must stop acting, stop pretending you are your ego and be what you really are.
Listen to John Harris in his latest Red Ice Interview.
Link here