Sunday, 29 March 2009

Total acceptance and doing the obvious

I have not been moved to post much recently but I'm still alive and kicking!
I've been practicing total acceptance of all things and situations in my daily life and gradually the personal me seems to be dissolving, almost like an emptying of my interior.
Decisions are not as before, mind is not as involved, if a choice has to be made, the obvious route is taken.
I have given up trying to know everything as there is nothing really to know and there is no one to know ultimately.
Mind is much quieter and the world has come alive, vibrant, blissful and exactly as it should be.

I'm just touching base with you guys and will do a proper post when I am able to put some of the realizations I have had into words, if that is possible.
I kinda feel like a caterpillar must feel just before turning into a butterfly, a cliche I know but it best describes the sensation.

Love you all


Marc said...

Hey Big Guy!

Thanks for letting us know. We were getting a little worried – you don’t miss things until they’ve gone. Anyway “Love goes back to you too – From us all!” - and thanks for thinking about us.

I’ve just spent a few weeks contemplating life and what it’s all about.
I came to the conclusion that it’s beyond my capability of understanding.
That I should just accept that I will not know, at least until I leave this life I call reality.
I should just accept this and have fun with friends and nature.
However this worries me slightly….. It’s ok to get carried away with the rapture; it stops me contemplating the meaning of it all. But there are quiet moments when I fear I’m wasting my life away. Then I come around again to the same conclusion that I can’t figure it out anyway. And so the circle continues…..Maybe life is just one circle …maybe we are trapped in the present and only think that time is moving.


101 said...

Hi Marc, you're getting closer my old friend.
It is beyond your capability of understanding because you still think you are Marcus.
You can only realize it when you actually realize you are it.Marcus is but a form hosting consciousness from a point of view.
The consciousness or awareness is the One, the real you, the awareness that looks out from your eyes looks out from mine and everyone elses simultaneously in the eternal moment.
You are exactly what you are looking for. You feel like giving up looking outside of your self for the answer, well the quicker you give up looking outside the better, because the answer is on the inside.

This truth is immanent all around you at any moment, look at any object for its most obvious attribute, and I'm not talking about its shape or form,there is something more obvious than that.

Every thing is what you really are and it's so obvious it's funny and almost embarrassing that we ever missed seeing it, it is referred to as the cosmic joke because it is so easy to see we miss it.

Surrender to everything even your belief you will never know and you are left with the truth of what you really are.

simple really lol

Marc said...

You make it sound real easy!

My problem is I can't disengage from this material world -although it’s getting easier and easier as time goes on.
I'm not sure if it’s down to me or the way the world is changing around me.

I want so much more out of life and existence - and I want my Dad back!
Why did he have to die? Where is he now?
I feel him but can’t communicate with him and that frustrates the hell out of me.

101 said...

Find out who you really are and you will answer your own questions about your father. Look in not out for the answer and as a mate I tell you, you will find him, he is closer than you realize.

Jim Clark said...

Hari Om 101,
It's wonderfull to hear you are doing so well with your Spiritual pursuits. It is ironic, that once we give up trying to intellectualize everything, we can actually achieve our goals much more easily.

Keep it up my friend,
God Bless,
Hari Om,

101 said...

Thanks Jim
Bless you