Sunday, 12 October 2008

2012- The End Of Time

The changes we speak to you about are merely perceptual in nature. This is because physical life is about perceiving, not alteration of what is! Even though changes appear to happen in 3d, everything and everyone is part of the same eternal being! It is only your experience of reality that changes. Your journey here provides new ways of sensing and studying elements of reality that have been with you since the beginning. And everything that has been with you since the beginning will remain with you forever!
The upcoming shifts in your experience of Time will generally fall into one of two categories: Firstly, you shall no longer use time to define yourself or your experience. Recognizing that all time is NOW, and all space is HERE, you will dance freely and easily through The Fourth Dimension--flinging open, at will, the many doors of possibility that line its corridor. The state which you call "Timelessness" is truly an aspect of Oneness, and can be a Touchstone for you, to clear your palate for the next perceptual meal you are about to serve yourself. **You shall finally recognize that the Faculty of Time is but a filing system---a card catalog within the Library of All That Is. And you will learn to use it as such, in much the same way that you now use the "counter" on your VCR, to determine where in the movie you wish to go as you begin your enjoyment of it. The designation of "beginning" or "end" have been illusory constructs, which have provided you with considerable enjoyment during your Dance in Limitation. In truth, all essences are circular in nature--spirals, to be exact--and they each expand/contract, on and on, into infinity.

Even upon completion of your Timeshift Liberation, you may still allow yourself the familiarity of a "normal" life in 3D.. Your manipulation of time may be as clinical as that described by H.G. Wells, in "The Time Machine," or it can be as subtle and lyrical as the gradual unfoldment of a Spring Day..

The shifts and changes we are describing here cannot be enacted through political action or deliberate intent.. They are born of a higher vibration, and can only begin manifesting when humankind lets go of its addiction to ego-centered control, and simply begins to flow with the river of life that has always been within you.. The struggle and hardship of your Limitation Journey are just about complete! Your hearts are opening, and becoming knit-together through communication, and your growing realization of who you really are..

Welcome to the World of Time/No-Time... You have now entered an Age of Magic.. You need not look ahead to some "opening" for a realm that has never really been closed to you.. Why spend time seeking keys to enlightenment? The door was never locked!
As you go through these final days of unfoldment, you may still find yourself drifting in and out of what feels like sleep.. Your personal universe goes with you as you do.. Some are experiencing a few moments of sweet reverie, of gentle experiences---while others are cramming in some additional nightmares, just so they can rattle their brain.. Some multi-media buffs are even managing to experience a multitude of "worlds".......all at the same time!

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