Friday, 17 October 2008

I AM -David Icke

"The body is an experience, not an I. Once we realise this, the fear of consequences disappears and that is crucial to ending this nonsense because if you ask people why they are not doing what they know to be right most will say it is fear of the consequences. If they are honest with themselves, that is. Cognitive dissonance will have another explanation.

The personality called David Icke is irrelevant to what I am doing, except as a vehicle to exist in this reality and experience its illusions. I, the real I, am not the guy who was a professional footballer, television presenter, Green Party spokesman, and figure of national ridicule, who was twice married and now lives alone.

He is my experience, my vehicle, he is not who I am. What I am is infinite consciousness that has no body and no form, it just is. I am the force with no name. I am all that is, has been and ever will be – just as you are.

I am not living the lie anymore, not pretending to be the guy from Leicester, England. I am from everywhere, I am everywhere – and nowhere.

Today, David Icke is the guy I acknowledge when he pulls me into body consciousness and I recognise the source of a reaction. But I don’t identify with him. He is a vehicle and we get along pretty well, better now than ever, but he’s not ‘me’, except in the sense that I am everything, just as you are.

When we observe this ‘world’ from that perspective of who we are, doing what we know to be right is not even a thought process. It’s a gimme. But what are the consequences? I don’t care."

David Icke 17th Oct 2008

I don't care either David because I am the same I am and so is everyone else reading this whether they realize it or not, so why do you do what you do and why do I bother writing this...?
To help consciousness awaken to itself, my self is already dead and buried.
I don't care if only I am the one reading these words because I AM.
I AM - nothing else matters, I AM and will always be, I AM is infinite and all that is.
Everything but I AM is the illusion of separation.
Every word on the internet including this page, every ego and every object are lies as they are also part of the illusion of separation.
Enlightenment is that simple, stop complicating it with thought which is also a lie of course! One 0 One


Phillip Washington said...

that mind you use (not are) may enjoy knowing that this mind loves this website...

101 said...

Thanks buddy, I just read your last blog post, surrender, give up totally, just don't care about anything, life/death and you will awaken to what you really are, do not be afraid it is only death of the ego, the illusion of self.
Join me in the real.