Thursday, 6 November 2008

Every Path leads to Oneness

Last week two Freemasons introduced themselves to me, they were independent of each other on different days and each proclaimed they were master masons to me without me inquiring on the subject at all.
I had some fun with the second mason on Friday, I gave him the handshake of the master mason followed by the true grip, halved the passwords and five pointed with him and began a conversation about tracing boards, we were in a public area so I said to him I knew he was taught to be cautious.
I then told him I was not a Freemason, never had been and the look on his face was a picture, horror mixed with overall disbelief. "But how do you know all the ritual and pass phrases?" he exclaimed in shock.
"Because I wanted to." I answered.
He had not completed any additional degrees apart from the blues so I asked him if he was interested about the secrets of the higher degrees.
He was only concerned if Freemasonry was Satanic in it's ultimate form beyond the blue degrees, his wife, a born again christian had told him it was and he was unable to argue against her because he just didn't know.
I had always thought freemasonry was ultimately worshiping Lucifer after reading The brotherhood by Stephen Knight and Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma, Magnum Opus as well as his letters to Mazzini of which an extract is here,

"That which we must say to the crowd is - we worship a God, but it is the God that one adores without superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General (of the 33rd degree), we say this, that you may repeat it to the brethren of the 32nd , 31st and 30th degrees - The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine."

This maybe part of the Taxil Hoax but there our quite a few other pointers.


The Statue of Liberty in New York harbour was presented in 1884 as a gift from the French Grand Orient Temple Masons to the Masons of America in celebration of the centenary of the first Masonic Republic.

The Statue of Liberty's official title is, "Liberty Enlightening the World".

I knew Enlightenment was the goal of Freemasonry using allegory and ritual instead of deep meditation and introspection to get to the same ultimate truth.

Although rather biased with a Christian perspective this site is the best collection of proof that Freemasonry has it's roots in the worship of Lucifer, (Light-Bringer).

Hang on a minute though is that a good or bad thing?

We have been taught God is good and Lucifer is bad but all opposites are indeed the same in nature, just different aspects of the same inherent thing.

Luciferianism and Satanism are actually different methods of ego removal to realize oneness.
It is referred to as the left hand path or Dark doctrine and although many types of Satanism are practiced the majority have realization of the self as the goal, the same as many other perhaps more "noble" paths.

There is no doubt Freemasonry is the invisible cornerstone in our society, the symbolism and therefore influence of Freemasonry is far reaching throughout the World , it's in our buildings,company logos even our street plans, most of the worlds powerful players are Masons or belong to similar fraternities of which there are many offshoots.


The Great Work or Magnum Opus is the goal of Freemasonry, but what is it exactly?
This site has a great discussion article on the subject.
The discussion is summed up as such:

Our thought in this Paper has reached high ground, but we have laboured to be lucid in speaking of things exacting unwonted claims upon the normal understanding and that, although the subject of an abundant literature, have ever been expressed in terms of great restraint and concealment. The understanding of these things will be assisted by realising physical things to be in faithful correspondence with metaphysical, and that, as we advance from the one to the other, we employ in turn the self-blinded eye of sense, the closed eye of faith, and the opened eye of the soul. At the beginning of the Quest the aspirant is conscious only of things of the physical order. Let him, however, commit himself, with bandaged eyes, to his instinct in the possibility of a great self-transfiguration, believing that "My covenant is with your flesh," and at the end of it, as with John, the spiritual seer, the hoodwink is removed and faith passes into sight. His eyes "see" the salvation prepared before the face of all people, but hidden from them by a passing blindness, and he can testify that in very deed "the tabernacle of God is with men," and not elsewhere. We will conclude with a quotation from Plotinus which may serve to illustrate the position of this Study Circle in relation to our Brethren of the Craft:-

"If we speak and write, it is but as guides to those who long to see: we send them to the place itself, bidding them from words to the Vision: the teaching is of the Path and the Plan, seeing is the work of each Soul for itself."

(Plotinus-Ennead VI, 9.4. tr. Stephen McKenna.)

So the Great Work is Spiritual Enlightenment, what else could it really be!

The next question is are they trying to wake us all up to our true nature but we just can't see it yet or is it something more sinister?

My gut reaction is that they are trying to awaken us via the Left Hand Path which by it's nature manifests as negative form, still bringing us to enlightenment but almost dragging us by our coat tails against the flow until we surrender to the infinite and engage the flow.

Another way of putting it is to fill the world with such hatred, anger, greed, jealousy and separation that we fight it with all our hearts until we either die or give in to it.

Surrender is the key to enlightenment, is the plan to make The Earth so terrible to live on we just don't care anymore (Cremation of Care, Bohemian Grove) and surrender to our infinite oneness?


Isabel said...

funny, I have been reaching the same conclusion... (left hand path, etc)

dedroidify said...

Interesting take on it, thanks for sharing.

101 said...

The World we think we know and have gotten used to is about to change, see the positive in all things with no resistance and it will go a lot smoother.

Anadæ said...

Hey, 1-0-1, had to put this here after that other one, too. Have ya ever been to the world's foremost anesthesiaologist nurse E.J. Clark's & renewable green energy proponent Brooks Agnew's 2012 website yet? Massive, massive stuff, perusable here:

The name of which derives from their trilogy, downloadable as an audiobook or a hard copy series. Also, my father was the first in our family to not become one of the Free & Accepted Masons, his father having been in The Lodge of the Shrine of the Sea, of which all its members had something to do with maritime-based businesses. He had an antique shoppe in Sagg Harbour, Long Island. Its name? Why, The Sea Chest, of course.

Great information going on here, 1-0-1! Do keep safe! The world as we Gno it, indeed, is about to experience some prolific growth spurts ~ Anadæ ( :-)}

Masonic Traveler said...

To the contrary I would suggest that the fraternity is not attempting to drag anyone down a path, but to guide those down it who seek it.

Its a shame that the brothers were so trusting, but why wouldn't they be if someone has something and presents it AS someone who their not. The counter point is that everything you've learned is readily available anyway on the net and in print, so not much secret in it.

101 said...

To masonic traveler, there is only one real secret to Freemasonry and that is not a secret to be learned from the internet, although pointers are available.
The Brother who I encountered and did know to say hello to but not much else came to me telling me he was a Freemason.
I shook his hand and he took it from there, I just followed his lead in effect and told him I was not a mason before he spoke any more on the subject.

This Brother was so lost he didn't know what Freemasonry was and he was a so called Master Mason!
He asked me for Enlightenment not one of his brethren.

Many no most Freemasons are in the same boat and usually join not for the hope of spiritual goals but financial ones.

All said and done I have no conflict or hatred with Freemasons
because I have the knowledge to see beyond people of any description, fraternity or race to their true nature.

This is all a story and once the current moment passes it is of little if no significance to me.

But to see the flow in action from my point of view.
Synchronisticly I had two Freemasons approach me within two days of each other,I have never had any Freemasons openly announce their membership to me before. The latter inquired about Freemasonry and Lucifer. I looked into this more deeply than before and came to the conclusion that even so called devil worship is still a path back to the Truth of non-duality.

It's a win win situation you can never loose, whatever path you take.

The End of the illusion of Separation is inevitable, we came from one, we go back to one and then we realize we never left.

Masonic Traveler said...


To your point, I would agree that MOST Freemasons don’t understand the deeper resonance of the fraternity, in a historical context or a metaphysical one, and it is sad that there is little in the way of present day study of it. But, I think that is changing, and that there is a growing presence of thought and interest in the esoteric aspects of the work. From an alchemical point of view to a hermetic/Gnostic point. Like any organization, over time I believe that it over-simplified itself to appeal to a wider base. Looking back, I would say it is a shame.

In my response to your post, I didn’t mean to allude to you as being nefarious in your dealing, but not entirely honest. I’ve entered into discussions with “non” brothers on the esoteric aspects because in their systems they had received the wisdom too. But it seems better to enter it on an even playing field, rather than with some question.

I do agree that in the end we all travel back to the one-ness that systematically we see as different but the same.

dedroidify said...

"The World we think we know and have gotten used to is about to change, see the positive in all things with no resistance and it will go a lot smoother."

Yeah, though I happen to see a LOT of negatives in Obama and the people who surround him. It'd be foolish to give in to the hope-nosis. Check out the men behind Obama

101 said...

Obama and his scriptwriters love the word change and I'm fully aware of the manipulation of political power but it doesn't matter, they are all aspects of your true self.
Conflict even with thought will keep you in duality, the illusion.

Many people are not ready to hear this, they linger in the world of duality as if it is concrete and battle with beliefs and ideas opposed to their own.
This is impossible to understand until consciousness has experienced itself but they are all your own so why battle them, if you have no beliefs there is no battle to be made.

I don't believe in oneness, I am that.

Wagner said...

In a humble point of view. No hyerarchical organization can be experienced as a path to oneness cause it asks of you to aim to a higher condition. Only possible when steping over the ones that are lower.

Using Nietzsche words posted here:
"Whenever I climb I am followed by a dog called 'Ego'."

Im not sure even if 'path to oneness' makes sense to me cause oneness should be a realization, not an objective.

101 said...

It is rare to have a spontaneous awakening and it is only a realization I agree, but the enquirer usually but not so much these days follows a set path of variable pointers towards the realization, be it Zen Buddhism,Freemasonry,Satanism,Sufism,
etc,etc. I personally prefer to freestyle a bit taking aspects of truth from many schools and pointers.
To some Enlightenment is an objective, to realize their true nature, it's what drives them to seek.
We are all Enlightened, you see that the first time you experience it, that's why you laugh because it's so obvious and you wonder how you ever missed it, until you loose it again after a while when separation and ego re-occur.

Wagner said...

The intention was to emphasize a point of view that any system of casts is comdemned to opression.
Anyway, as you know, when every single way can be a path, there is no path. ;)

It´s amazing to see how many glimpses of enlightment are around us constantly. Sometimes we catch it up and then it drops. To me, they came and go so fast that I barelly can comment. Very interesting the way you describe 101. Some light over the subject can be found on this video: at 01:20.

101 said...

Hi Wagner, your right,there is no path, it is inevitable, oneness is all there is.
I'm also glimpsing enlightenment all the time on and off especially after the dream I had, but I still get pulled out of the moment by some old habit patterns.
Great video, thanks for sharing, I'm going to post it.