Saturday, 15 November 2008

I AM every one and no one

I had a dream last night I would like to share with you.
I was with friends from past and present watching a tv monitor, huge geological disturbances were being reported all over The World and earthquakes were happening everywhere.
I watched as The Earth exploded around me, then all of a sudden my perception was watching the event from space.
Then I was alone in the void, no Earth, no stars, no Sun just blackness.
I realized that I was fine, my awareness was not changed in the slightest.
I thought I should try breathing, I didn't actually need to but I suppose it was habit. I couldn't breathe, I looked down and I was without form.

I awoke, I knew something major had occurred to my consciousness but needed a pee and then went back to sleep.

In the morning I awoke again and everything I looked at was me, the illusion of separation had almost totally gone, I laughed at my girlfriend who was getting ready for work and was thinking about trying to explain my laughter until I looked at the dog, my black lab was me, laughing continued.
I had glimpsed enlightenment before for a few seconds here and there but the dream had flicked a switch in my consciousness level and as I am writing this there is still no separation, I AM writing this for my self to read.


Jake Kotze said...

cool, sounds like the center of the spinning mandala to me...

Life is less of a drag.. at the centre

Be well

101 said...

If there was somewhere to go we'd be getting there Jake.
A New Earth indeed, you know what I mean.

Phillip Washington said...

you wrote this for your self to read

Sensei said...

Remember... Dog is God spelled backward!

- Sensei ;)