Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Navy dolphins may be deployed!

The U.S. Navy has recently announced that up to 30 dolphins and other marine mammals may be used to patrol Puget Sound near Seattle to protect Kitsap-Bangor Naval Base from terrorist activities.

Dolphins and marine mammals can locate underwater swimmers and objects and assist with a variety of additional tasks.

But what other interesting intelligence developments are emerging about dolphins that involve sensitive and fascinating insight into human consciousness?

Tucked within a declassified bibliography of "Project STARGATE" reports on extrasensory perception (ESP), "anomalous cognition" and "remote viewing" is a research paper titled "A Remote Action Investigation with Marine Animals."

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Anonymous said...

Are they experimenting with new forms of Fish too?

Please add this link to a strange creature found by Russian Fishermen. There is a link to some film footage taken on mobile phone.

Perhaps nature is in the early throws of morphing species.

101 said...
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101 said...

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