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Synchronicity - A Fascinating Part of Life's Dynamic

I have always found the subject of synchronicity to be extremely interesting and, indeed, an important part of everyday life which can serve as a continual "marker" for ones relationship to the "flow of life", and this often is an ongoing reflection of the frequency of dialogue with the Higher Self on a day-to-day basis. There are a number of interesting books out there on the subject. One excellent book is called Incredible Coincidence by parapsychologist Alan Vaughan (1979, Lippincott, NY), which features more than 150 segments detailing the different variations of synchronistic experiences. Another is There Are No Accidents by Robert Hopcke (1997). There are probably a dozen others, but those are two of the most informative, because they contain thoughtful analysis of the dynamics of synchronistic experience, while most of the others simply relate "tales" and resort to light-sided speculation - not too helpful for those seeking to understand this important part of our daily experience. Some of the more interesting websites are in the link box at the top right of this page - these will be displayed in the window above. Many websites out there are lightsider polarity oriented, delusional at best, and are not included in the listing.

One can't hope to comprehend the subtle dynamics of existence in an Earther incarnational experience from within the box of cultural blindness and hypocrisy, and the study of synchronicity is only undertaken by those who are on their own path and have a sense, to one degree or another, of the evolutionary component of individual experience. One quickly discovers that there is a definitive relationship between ones experiential "inner world" of subjective experience, and the "outer world" of life which functions as the external infrastructure upon which individual experience "rides". In actual fact, ones own incarnational experiences and actions are fundamentally connected to those of other Higher Self incarnations, not only in this space-time locus, but in many others, all at the same time. The study of synchronicity should reflect a view of synchronicity as a "tool" for self-evaluation, rather than an end in itself. You can get tangled up in the mechanics and miss the important, subtle factors which are so valuable for personal progress.

There appear to be several characteristics which relate to the experience of synchronous connections:

  • The most powerful and meaningful synchronistic events often happen at critical junctures in ones life.

  • The experience often has a deep emotional component, produced following the analysis of the meanings involved.

  • The experience always produces a change in the observational perspective of life and ones place in it.

  • The connections between ones "mental world" and the "external world", relative to the event, become clear.

In a "modern" world of control and manipulation, it is no surprise that any concepts which do not assist "The Game" are suppressed or ridiculed in order to preserve the "status quo". One of these concepts is "chance" or "random chance", which arises in opposition to the cultural fixation on "control" or "being in control". There is a definite "fear" manifested in our society over the issue of "control over ones life and life's events", because of the observational perspective present in our culture. In actual fact, the more you allow "random" factors in your life, the more easily you will be able to achieve your goals, because then alternative possibilities and opportunities will be within your sphere of existence. There are some really valuable hints in the books that I mentioned earlier.

It has been suggested that in order to allow more experience of synchronicity in your life, you can just "sit back and wait" to see what happens in your life. Although some synchronous interactions will occur, the frequency of these will increase, bringing you most possibilities, if you make a distinct effort to "get out there" and explore places and situations that you would not ordinarily explore, and follow your inner impulses in those directions. In order to maximize your evolutionary process, you have to "be yourself" and live life, not hide inside and watch television, or become fixated on the trappings of "The Game". Have fun, and remember that nothing is "sacred" out there.

If you wish to explore a specific line of probable action, whether or not you "should do it" is often reflected around you in the actions and events that accompany your internal exploration of the external possibility. You probably already have experienced this.

There exist a number of interesting comments out there relative to the experience of synchronicity, which you may find of value:

  • Consciousness "overlays" the dynamic of "chance" with patterns that achieve synchronicity.

  • Synchronistic collaboration between individuals is not limited to space and time factors.

  • Synchronicity may be the result of "psychically conditioned" space and time.

  • Thinking about "the improbable" seems to open the door to "improbable" experience.

  • The very act of thought about synchronicity can function to induce more in your life - if you are paying attention.

  • Synchronicity often reflects an "uncanny parallel" between in internal state and and external occurrence, relative to two or more factors which appear meaningful to the individual.

  • Subjective experience determines our place in a universe of events.

  • Everything has the potential for meaning to someone.

  • Synchronicity is a large part of the infrastructure beneath the meaning of the event.

  • The content of an experience which involves synchronicity often has a symbolic component.

  • Synchronicity often involves the simultaneous occurrence of two or more highly improbable events that hold meaning.

  • Consciousness, particularly when focused heavily on some kind of task, can influence events - "chance" variables will often align to fulfill goals and intent.

  • The ultimate meaning of synchronicity is that we have responsibility for our lives.

  • Everything is, in fact, reflected in the dynamic of synchronicity. In fact, nothing really happens "by chance".

  • Synchronicity seems to emerge as one of the organizing dynamics reflecting the nature of consciousness.

Synchronicity can appear in many modes. One of the most often observed modes involves numbers, or the presence of the same or related numbers in two or more acausally related events. Other modes can involve psychic ties through space and time between two or more individual incarnations, usually because the Higher Selves involved also have a relationship of some kind. There are a number of events in the books that describe experiences involving these, and other modes in which synchronicity manifests itself.

The term "synchronicity" is otherwise viewed as the term "coincidence" by those who do not find themselves perceptually within its flow. With the basic frequency of the environment of the universe increasing, the concept of synchronicity is very important, because the ongoing perception of it is a "marker" of the relationship between your consciousness and the subjective reality you perceive. As most of you have no doubt noticed, the rate and perception of synchronicity is increasing, as is the perception that the linear time flow is speeding up. Perhaps the best overall composite commentary on synchronicity that we have so-far seen is as follows:

"Synchronicity is the conscious perception in a physiological time track of the simultaneous manifestation of the multi-dimensional universe. It is the conscious recognition that all events, objects, relationships, points of view, perceptions and interactions are ONE thing viewed from different perspectives."

Keep a journal and explore - you will find that it adds an interesting dimension to your everyday experience.

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