Thursday, 12 June 2008

Changing Beliefs, Raising Frequencies

If human consciousness allows itself to be manipulated through fear-based and trauma-based systems (entrenched in our media, entertainment and news broadcasts) then the Control System can implant a reality of its own that keeps us self-limiting and passive. We are just cabling for their network.

Breaking the trance and going through the cognitive dissonance is hard. But once through the other side, the profound insight and enhanced awareness are deeply liberating and a source of immense internal power. All the messed up, gloomy socio-political problems like immigration, crime, health, housing, war, economy, education – they all begin to make sense. They aren’t a mess because the government is inept, they are a mess by design. To keep the wheels turning and the workers working. Keep em busy. A life’s work to own a house. A decent pension right at the end if you’re lucky. Madness. Inhumanity. Once you have the ‘coordinates’ (the magic codes that make sense of all the surface weirdness), everything begins to slot into place. The mist of confusion evaporates. You can see. And the Control System coordinates are horribly uncomplicated: 99% of the planet lives in a consumer plantation designed to provide physical and spiritual slave labour to an elite few. A Control System exists to maintain and protect the system. The best metaphor for it can be found by watching The Matrix.

Imagination is our holographic engine. It makes the world. Literally. If our imagination is running someone else’s program, we are living in someone else’s dream. It is time to take control and observe how manipulated scientific and religious dogma has misled us about how our world actually functions. Time is not linear. We are not hopeless wanderers in a cold lifeless universe. We do not cease to exist when the body (the bio-suit) is finished. Life is a progression of many lives, many consciousnesses and many worlds. This is one of them. You are one story; one piece of cosmic consciousness. Indestructible. We are designed to interact with the universe by articulating and encoding it with our wisdom, love, intent and creativity. These are things of galactic significance. Not nice-to-haves.

Do not let someone else’s belief system restrict your imagination. No religion, no government, no teacher can guide you better than you can guide yourself. The very act of comprehending the nature of our creative consciousness undermines the Control System by raising the frequency of consciousness out of the manipulation field and into inspired independence. I believe, as others have for millennia, that the outer world is a direct reflection of our own private inner consciousness. When a critical mass of people understand that the game is not a good game anymore, that there is a better way of living and evolving, then the awesome synchronous power of the universe begins to paint a new world into being.

The Cleaver

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