Friday, 27 June 2008

Looking for 'Brahmn'

The effect of ‘maya’ is powerful. With so many versions of spirituality, however, looking for ‘Brahmn’, the Supreme Consciousness, is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The present age, kalyug , was predicted to witness the downfall of dharma . To some, spirituality is a means to attract maya instead of a way to remove bondage. Then there are others who consider art superior to penance and bhakti .

Yoga does not distinguish between different paths to achieve the Divine; so there is no question of debating over which path is superior. Patanjali has given forms, all culminating in yoga or union with the real self, none superior to the other. However, the various limbs or aspects are being picked up in isolation by some practitioners and propagated as the only means to achieve the Divine; we need to be aware of this and take care.

All gods or devtas are forms of energies. They each go through a phase of transition and play their role in governing some aspect of Creation. They operate beyond our senses; hence the question of pleasing them with dance or drama or any physical exercise does not arise. For a yogi, entire Creation unfolds as drama.

The ultimate purpose is to realise the drama and not get affected by scenes and acts. The need is to rise above karma. That’s what Krishna emphasised through his leela , not getting affected or attached with the play. This is called nishkama karma or karma free of attachment, that is, free of pain and pleasure. This is the underlying message of the Gita .

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