Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Secret To Life

So what is the secret to life?

The secret to life is to know yourself, for if you do, you will be able to reveal your true nature.
You will recognize and do away with the old outdated version that you have of yourself and replace it with something full and whole. This something whole is the true you, the consciousness that you are. For if we take away the body and the lower tendencies of the mind - what do we have left? Your true self.
Your true self does not want, does not judge, does not lie, is neither jealous or capable of hating - for these are aspects of the lower nature of man and not of his true being.
The experience revealed by touching or glimpsing this higher nature is something that will change you forever.
For this is the way in which man can get to know his own soul, the purest reflection of the divine in man. And this soul it is not something which is difficult to know, for you are already it.
The problem most people have is that they have disguised and cloaked over this soul with limited information, memories and experiences. The way forward is to strip back the layers which hide the true you, revealing the essence residing at the heart of all being.
When we understand the elements of our being, we can then begin the journey towards uniting them and becoming holistic beings. Becoming holistic beings necessitates the knowledge of all of our parts and abilities. Can you recognize these parts within yourself? If you do you will begin to glimpse something deeper and fuller within you which is undeniable and true. The heart of your being, the source of what you are.
When you touch this source, you will experience what the mystic's label as oneness - the interconnectedness of all things. Sharing that experience is the most powerful expression that a human being can give to their lives. For by doing so, they are bearing their souls in order to share true experience. This sharing moves others to seek and find their souls - the real secret to life.

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