Saturday, 16 August 2008


I was just looking at the track listings for the forth coming new Metallica album "Death Magnetic" and track 10 is called "My Apocalypse", this got me thinking that that is what I have been through during spiritual awakening.

I looked up the meaning of Apocalypse in Wikipedia

Apocalypse Greek: Ἀποκάλυψις Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil"), is a term applied to the disclosure to certain privileged persons of something hidden from the majority of humankind. Today the term is often used to refer to the end of the world, which may be a shortening of the phrase apokalupsis eschaton which literally means "revelation at the end of the æon, or age".

Could it be 2012 or some point in the future is the lifting of the veil for all humanity?
When we all see what we really are, our true nature as the infinite itself.

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