Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The Mayan Calendar doesn't measure time. It measures the EVOLUTION of CONSCIOUSNESS

Ian Lungold came up with this theory some years ago, to me now it is not a theory but becoming a fact, he wrote
"The path to this moment leads us through the Galactic consciousness cycle that we are currently in to the Universal consciousness cycle that begins on February 10, 2011. In this 260 day period, Consciousness will be experiencing more and more of what it is NOT until the certainty sets in that we are indeed - NO THING!"

When you experience Spiritual awakening you first realise you are nothing in the void and then if you can maintain the connection you realise you are in fact everything in creation similtaneously.

Lungold felt the calendar ended Oct 28 2011 not the generally regarded Dec 21 2012, this is of no consequence really, what is of consequence is that..

"All of Consciousness has had one goal in its evolution, to discover what it is NOT.

Consciousness experiences the universe by comparison. The basic comparison is that the conscious is NOT whatever was experienced. For at least 100,000 years mankind has been pursuing the question, "Who am I?" Or, "Why am I here?" and "What am I doing?" That question has been used by the Church and State to bind people to some standard or another, to some identity or another, to one belief system or another. Consciousness is none of these things. There are only the considerations of Consciousness.

We are not our bodies, our minds, our jobs, cars, relationships, nor our reputations or even our aspirations. As the Mayan calendar clearly shows, Creation is speeding up and presenting more and more of itself in each moment. This means that more and more is possible to be experienced and compared by Consciousness"

Sounds a lot like Terrence Mckenna's Time wave zero Novelty theory to me which ended Dec 2012.

The Universe is waking itself up to it's true nature, as humanity we are part of this totally natural evolutionary cycle of conscious awakening. We have between 3 or 4 years to get with the plan, but relax, if you really want to see what your not you will otherwise back around you will go.

Read Ian Lungold's work here

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