Saturday, 16 August 2008

The eye of providence.

The eye of providence or all seeing eye represents the eye of God watching over us according to Wikipedia.
This early eye above represents the Grand Architect of the universe, the masonic God.

Another later version from the Freemasons shows the eye above the compass and set square.

This most famous version taken from the dollar bill shows the eye above the uncompleted pyramid.
From my research I have come to understand that the ultimate goal of freemasonry is enlightenment, they do not use Zen or other eastern disciplines but allegory and ritual to come to the ultimate truth that we are in fact God.
The eye of providence is your eye once you awaken and the gap of knowledge between the capstone and the main pyramid is the difference between an enlightened person and non-enlightened person.
The Great Work "Magnum Opus" referred to by the masons as well as the Rosicrucians, Qabalah, Thelema, Hermetic tradition and Alchemy refers to spiritual enlightenment.
Spiritual Enlightenment is the Great Work of the ages, the set square and compass refer to the creation of form in the manifest world.
Ordo ab chao or order out of chaos, to order could mean to bring together, to make whole.
Maybe just maybe the goal of the freemasonry is to bring mankind together as a whole, make one again.
This is only a thought and I'm not convinced myself yet, maybe Freemasonry started out with good intention and got infiltrated by sinister forces or maybe it's all going to plan and the one world government is part of their plan to bring us all into oneness?
Hard to swallow I know but worth meditating on.


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LakeshoreBaby said...

Tough one isn't it. I'm struggling with it too. I tend to subscribe to the Christian ideals, now, since messing up my life and feeling I need redemption and purpose. Of course, that doctrine is more along the lines of God the Father, who gave his son Jesus to pay for sins against his law, and to buy back our souls from Satan for contracting with him. That we are not God but can have divinity within us as children of God if we accept the idea that Jesus died for us, that we are loved no matter what, and from that knowledge feel the Holy Spirit of love and acceptance within us and try to be a better person, aiming towards perfection in love and good works. How this ties into Freemasonry, if at all, is a mystery. I am now onto trying to understand if perhaps there are different versions of the all seeing eye, one of the true and living God, and one of Satan... since my friend seems to believe that Satan tries to mimic everything of God. Peace.