Sunday, 25 November 2007

Curiosity could 'wipe out universe'

Curiosity could end up killing far more than the proverbial cat, if a new theory is to be believed.

It might wipe out the entire universe.

Two scientists have come to the startling conclusion that the mere act of observing the cosmos too closely might bring it to an end.

By daring to measure dark energy, the mysterious force that is driving galaxies apart, astronomers may have begun the countdown to Armageddon.

The idea relates to a strange property of quantum systems which govern the fate of subatomic particles and possibly the whole universe.

Quantum systems can shift their energy state at random, as occurs when a radioactive atom decays.

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Marc said...

Interesting and worrying too.
However if observing the universe brings about its end its because its not real. I rather think it has its purpose though. A training ground for the soul to develop. The fail-safes built in are too hard to crack. However if we are one then perhaps all that ever lived is the same being re-inventing itself and gaining knowledge and understanding all the time. At what point in the future do we/us grow up?

101 said...

Escape the fear of death and the worrying disappears, easier said than done I know.Even when we die we just enter another state of illusion even if it is different from this one it is still maya. The key is to escape maya before we physically die, the absolute knowing that we are all one entity (the whole universe).
To do this we must break the programming which the vast majority of us have had all of our lives.
I see 2012 as the time we are given a bit of extra help in the right direction, a sort of D day but only if we are open to it. in 2012 when history ends we could have access to any time, we could break the life/death cycle and in effect be operating in the 4th dimension.
People who are closed to this idea would continue operating in only 3 dimensions and have the same limited perspective of reality as we have now.
When we have flashes of insight,premonitions or dreams of the future it shows we are getting closer to the 4th dimension where time is a path we can walk up or down.

Marc said...

wow! Well said.
I believe you are right and we will be ready for it.