Saturday, 24 November 2007

The power elite playbook

Ever since Lincoln's "Civil War," America has been "transformed from a limited, constitutional government to a highly centralized welfare-warfare state." [1] War is allegedly initiated for "national security" reasons — "newspeak" for resource seizure and/or control by multinational corporations/banks through their financial grip on governments. What! You think the United States would not participate in or condone plunder? The government plunders your pocket for interest payments (AKA income tax) on their loans from the Federal Reserve to finance all war-like activities, whether subversive or public!

The power elite playbook,

  1. Promoting war
  2. Viet Nam, a prototype
  3. Creating & controlling chaos
  4. The Anglo-American chessboard
  5. Playbook, bankers & their bombers
  6. Population reduction through genocide
  7. Killing the competitors

1 comment:

Marc said...

How very true. We are all victims of the system. A system that always works for the hyper rich. But a system that has chaos at its heart. For money and its value do not exist. We perpetuate its value. It only has value when we observe it -lol.