Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Travel terror security stepped up

Security will be stepped up at railway stations, airports and ports as part of government attempts to tackle terrorism, Gordon Brown has announced.

  • Security to be improved at stations, airports and ports
  • This will include more barriers and blast-resistant buildings
  • Guidance sent to venues like cinemas and shopping centres
  • More screening at big railway stations
  • Head teachers' forum to protect pupils from extremist propaganda
  • Firms responsible for crowded places to be given updated advice
  • "One bag rule" on airline hand luggage to be relaxed at some airports
  • New UK Border Agency will have additional powers of detention
  • Airline liaison officers will be able to cancel visas
  • Repatriation deals sought with foreign terror suspects' country of origin
  • Single senior judge to manage all terrorism cases
  • Single CPS lead prosecutor for inciting violent extremism
  • New laws with tougher punishments and to facilitate asset freezing
This is not a war on terror, it is a war on you and your freedom.

1 comment:

Marc said...

So true!
They have created confusion, cock-ups and injustices for everyone. And now they put in place a structure of rules and procedures to make everything well again? No folks!
They just want an excuse to put down an environment in which they can carry out their own agenda.
And it will be the common people that will suffer. You an I.
I ask myself why they are dumbing people down on both sides of the Atlantic. I believe its to lead 80% of the western population to early retirement. But I want to be in the 20% that survive.