Saturday, 24 November 2007

School to track pupils with radio chips sewn into their uniforms

Children are to be tracked in school via radio chips sewn into their uniforms.

The manufacturer is marketing the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) surveillance system nationwide, following a trial with 19 pupils at Hungerhill School in Doncaster this year.

The chip is embroidered into school uniforms using conductive 'smart threads'. A teacher can then scan these to view the pupil's identity, photo, whether they misbehaved in lessons and their school attendence record.

This is just one step from microchipped people and it's getting the young used to living with constant surveillance as the 'norm'.

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Marc said...

This is part of the master plan. Its being led from the top down. I was once told that the easiest computer projects to achieve were those where the bosses want to follow through -so this will be an easy project. Especially when they get the media to cover stories about missing children and saying "if only they were chipped!"