Monday, 19 November 2007

Mystics and quantum physicists speak the same language

Quantum physicists have discovered to their amazement that, in the sub-atomic world, particles behave in very “unscientific and unpredictable” ways.

For example:

1. An observer watching a particle affects the way it behaves. It can appear as a particle (with a mass, static and at a specific location in space) or as a wave (nonlocal and dynamic).

2. A particle can affect the action or behavior of another at a distance.

3. A particle can revolve in an orbit at one time then suddenly disappear and appear in another.

4. Cause may occur at the same time as, not before, an effect.

5. The exact location of a particle cannot be pinpointed, only the probability.

6. A fourth dimension known as space-time exists.

7. Everything is constantly in a state of motion, never static. Therefore, everything is really energy.

In his best-selling book “The Dancing Wu Li Masters,” Gary Zukav says, “The new physics, quantum mechanics, tells us clearly that it is not possible to observe reality without changing it.”

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