Wednesday, 28 November 2007

VeriChip Corporation to Unveil Plans for Self-Contained Implantable RFID Glucose-Sensing Microchip

VeriChip Corporation ("VeriChip") (NASDAQ:CHIP), a provider of RFID systems for healthcare and patient-related needs, and its project partners Digital Angel Corporation ("Digital Angel") (AMEX:DOC) and Receptors LLC announced today they will host an event for the medical, diabetic and investment communities on December 4th in New York to unveil details, including plans to build a prototype self-contained implantable bio-sensing device included in an RFID microchip (the Microchip) that for the first time will have the ability to measure glucose levels in the human body. Millions of patients with diabetes utilize needle sticks to monitor levels of glucose on a daily basis. Through the Microchip, patients are expected to be able to track glucose levels without the constant invasive and painful effect of a needle. Prior to the event, the Company will issue a white paper describing the features, benefits and technology underlying the development of its revolutionary self-contained implantable glucose-sensing device.

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