Friday, 16 November 2007

Joe Rogan talks about DMT

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Marc said...

I have always felt that dreams are important too. I believe we visit the source or home of our souls when we sleep. I think we need to visit home periodically to keep in touch with our real origins.
The world we think is real is just a play place for us to experience things without being hurt. Almost like a playground with cotton wool as the floor. The biggest clue is the paradox of the boundaries of the universe and the space beyond it. Our universe cannot exist – full stop. Matter cannot expand into something that is not there. And yet physicists say that matter does expand into nothingness at an ever increasing state. But this is only their way of explaining infinity. Which is a paradox in itself.
Mainstream Science and mankind in general find it hard to think outside the box. They come up with theories and then set about creating equations and facts to support the story.
They cannot accept the obvious and will not accept that the world as we know it is not real.
Why do you think that science cannot quantify matter? The more they observe matter the cloudier and more vague it becomes. It is a failsafe system designed to throw the observer off the scent.
I wonder if a Buddhist monk can consciously release DMT into their own bloodstream?
I will sleep well tonight.