Thursday, 10 July 2008

Be careful what you think!

I just posted this on The Blob comments for the latest Jake Kotze Red Ice interview, thought it would be of interest to some of you.

When we discover the NWO and the plan for global enslavement we go through a period of denial matched with an insatiable appetite for more and more information to really find the truth of who is controlling the world. We then realize that yes this dark force which operates within the shadows really exists and is hell bent on total global enslavement.
We then look for a way to wake other people up to what is going on in hope that if greater numbers of us unite we can bring the system crashing down and start building a free and righteous world.
We then get ridiculed by our peers and told to STFU you mad man!
So we realize we are never going to wake up enough people to make a significant difference, they are just too programmed to their view of reality.
So go a step deeper, what is reality, if we can understand reality maybe we will find a way of defeating the NWO because we will never defeat them on their terms, within their structure of cut and dried belief systems.
It is not until you understand your true nature that all becomes clear, what you resist will always persist as you are giving them the power over the reality you are currently in, in essence you are creating the NWO.
Taking the power back is what you need to do, do not feel you are an isolated soul fighting an uphill battle against an invisible enemy you can never defeat. Realize you are quite literally all of creation and you have created the NWO in order to wake yourself up. The NWO from this perspective can be viewed as a catalyst in the enlightenment process and the whole process much like a Zen Koan leading to awakening.
I've struggled with this for 20 years or so and it is hard going at times but since my first glimpse of my true nature I've found myself consciously creating my own reality with thought alone.
Coincidence should be taken out of the dictionary because there is no such thing. Synchronicity is in our face shouting at us "we are all connected" trying to wake us up out of our slumber.
If I could give any advice at this point in time it would be, be careful what you think because what you think determines the reality you will receive, thought becomes form and in my case at least, my thoughts are becoming form very quickly, some good, some bad but always initiated by me.

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