Saturday, 5 July 2008

I've had a few lucid dreams and they are a pretty amazing experience. If you have never woken up in your dreams and experienced the ability to do anything in this alternate reality, I really get a kick out of flying, then check out this new website devoted to lucidity during the dream state.
I once also shared a lucid dream with a friend of mine in which they shared the same experience and reported back to me, she was shocked when I stopped her talking and told her what the conclusion of the dream was!
Interesting stuff and further insight into what consciousness really is, check out the site here

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Lucid Dreamer said...

World of Lucid Dreaming has changed a lot in the last year - I've added sooo much more content for beginners to get lucid fast! Check it out for:

- lucid dreaming techniques
- meditation
- binaural beats
- dream herbs
- lucid dream masks
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- and heaps more!

Enjoy :)