Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A New Perspective: Tap into your inner power

Inner power is not an exertion of your physical strength. Your physical strength or force will diminish in time. Inner power is not speaking a truth which harms another person. Inner power is not pushing down feelings and pretending they don’t exist. It is not playing small. It is not your stories. There is no power in fear.

Inner power is our source, our spirit, our connection to higher consciousness. When you find higher consciousness, you find a power which will help you move chaos.
There are many challenges and obstacles in life that ask us to step into our higher consciousness and take a look at who we are. Tapping into your inner power will help you. Knowing what your truth is will help you.

Your inner power is available when you’re in distress and in the good times, too. It is your truth. It is what you know to be true and in that knowledge, all is well. Even if others are trying to damage you or talk about you or make your life miserable, you know your truth and that is your inner power.

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