Tuesday, 22 July 2008

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I really like David Icke, he has done more than any man I know to wake people up to the secret Government, NWO, he has also spread the word about the true nature of reality during his videos, talks and in his books.
I synchronistically met him in the early 1990's, which I've talked about in a much earlier post and he was the one who really got my interest going into trying to work out the hidden truths of The World.
To me if I had to pick a champion, a world hero it would be him for going through so much ridicule and sh1t and coming out of the other side intact, when he could have turned his back on his true feelings and kept his job and relatively secure and happy lifestyle.

David named one of his books in 2005 "Infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion"
Which is the ultimate truth, infinite love is The One, The singularity, The Totality, The Source, Consciousness, Brahman etc, etc.

Taking this into account-
Excerpt from The Secret of the matrix. 2003

He seems very much on the ball during this talk.

More recently though he seems to be concentrating on all the negative aspects of the manifest world, global fascist state, rfid micro-chipping of people, population control etc, etc.

Would it not be better to focus on connection to oneness, enlightenment because it seems from my current perspective that all the attention he is giving to the negative aspects he is in fact fueling that potential manifest reality and so are the others who are listening to him.
He hits the nail on the head in 2003 and then carries on regardless, still operating at the same level of consciousness as the people he is trying to stop.

I can understand the reaction though, people engrossed in fighting the NWO, like I was once, think that by surrendering to the manifest world and becoming their true nature is what the NWO want because it shows no physical- manifest resistance to them, they see it as passive submission and from their limited perspective is doomed to failure.
Paradoxically though surrendering is the only way to winning, surrender and the perceived enemy will fall away also.
Like David says "They are all illusions".
Our separateness is an illusion, we are all one.

David Icke was right and he has woken up many, me included but a time has to come to drop the negativity, there is enough of that being produced by the media already on behalf of TPTB.

He even says in the video except,
"you can say, hey I love you George Bush, I love you Tony Blair"

Well David my old mate it's time to start spreading some love fella because like you said at Brixton in 2003 "what you resist persists."

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