Thursday, 10 July 2008

Go beyond rules, regulations & laws

We are used to a life of compromise. We have become so skilled in accepting anything for convenience.

If the society gives us a label, calls us a saint or a sinner, we accept it. Yet, we are constantly trying to break the mould that society has made for us. How many of us break laws? Even if we break a minor law, like speeding for a short burst, we are thrilled.

Look at our mind. On the one hand, we accept something society gives us because it is easier to accept it than fight it. Very often we seek these labels since they form the identity that we so desperately seek. No price is too high to obtain these labels. On the other hand, we fight what the society gives us! We fight whatever constraints are placed on what we think our freedom should be. We always like to have our cake and eat it!

Be clear! This is because we are having a deeper experience that we are unaware of. Our nature is always struggling to express its true identity. It is guiding us to go beyond rules, regulations and laws.

Understand! Our consciousness is trying to break through our conscience. Your consciousness continuously fights with conscience. Conscience is imposed by our society. Consciousness is natural. Conscience is learned, taught by the society. Consciousness is our true nature. Conscience is acquired, consciousness is natural, our birthright. Conscience is a pure substitute for consciousness.

In all our daily dealings, we accept conscience and ignore consciousness. We ignore it mainly because we are caught in an endless loop. We do not like the rules imposed by the society. It is human nature to reject anything that curtails our freedom. But, we have been so trained that we feel guilt when we break the rules. This action is played and replayed; again and again, without a break.

Master, you ask, how can we break out of it? Cast away this guilt of breaking rules. Then we have another thorny problem. Sin.

You ask, Master, what is sin? How can we get rid of it?

Understand this! There is no sin and neither are you a sinner. The only sinners are those who call you a sinner. There is no need to be redeemed by anyone. You are already divine and pure.

All that you need to be aware is that you are divine. Once you realise this you are liberated. It is that simple.

Accept nothing less than this. Consider no compromise. Ignore all substitutes. The journey brings great rewards. This is a sure path to self-realisation.

source The Economic Times

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