Friday, 11 July 2008

Path to Enlightenment

If you seek and strive for enlightenment as a spiritual goal then there is a problem, when you give up looking for it, that is when you discover you were always enlightened, your old self will die (the ego) and you will be reborn into the totality you never left.
This may sound like a riddle but when you experience totality,non dualism, enlightenment, connection to source, whatever label you wish to give it you realise at your core that is what you are, everything, you always have been.
The person you thought you were with the identity, the likes, dislikes, history, lovers, money, friends was not really who you are, it was an ego driven blanket over your true nature.
The society we currently live in fuels this ego blanket, we think we are the body, the house we live in, the car we drive, the money and possessions we have, the high powered job we do. We are none of those things, that is just a partial view of what we are, we are every thing in all of creation, we are the consciousness in all things, unlimited by our very nature, connected to all things (hence synchronicity).
Now is the time we are waking ourselves up to consciously realise we are consciousness unbounded, fear and attachment dissolved we rebuild this Earth into a New Earth full of unconditional love for all things, as once enlightened loving everyone else is like loving yourself, a natural and easy option.

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