Thursday, 17 July 2008

Understanding Enlightenment

Enlightenment can be called non duality or oneness in fact there are many names for the same state of realization, Hinduism (Advaita Vedanta),Buddhism (Zen),Taoism (Tao), Christianity (photismos, illumination), Sufi and Jewdaism also have non duality at their core, the realization that you are not separate from the rest of creation is shared with all the main religions, when Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you this is what he meant.
In the Shema, the Jewish Pledge of Allegiance: "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one" (Deut. 6:4).
Sikhism "From the Guru, I have obtained the supremely powerful sword of spiritual wisdom. I have cut down the fortress of duality and doubt, attachment, greed and egotism. The Name of the Lord abides within my mind; I contemplate the Word of the Guru's hymns." (Guru Ram Das, Maru, pg. 1087)

Heck I'm even going to chuck in Freemasonry into the mix, they use allegory and ritual to get to the same ultimate truth.

Behind the external differences of these religions lies the only truth, the only real difference is the path taken to the same realization.

A shift of awareness outside of the ego-centric mind, produces an enlightenment experience.

They are all methods of ego removal, the fact that there is no-self.

In the western world we constantly relate and think we are our ego, whilst in this ego-centric world we are separate from everyone and everything else, scared and alone we fight to have the things we want, we become attached to people and objects in the belief that if we loose these things we have lost part of ourselves.

Enlightenment is a glimpse beyond the ego, the ego suppressed even for a moment will give rise to an enlightenment experience.
Describing the experience cannot be achieved with words, it's like describing a masterpiece painting with one word and then expecting to understand what the painting looks like.

The paradox is we are all enlightened already, it's not that you get anything extra from the experience it's a shift in your perception of what you are already experiencing.
When I had my first experience of enlightenment this I found very amusing, I laughed out loud because I couldn't believe I had missed it my whole life. My ego had been blocking my vision my whole life and when it collapsed I could see clearly.

So if it's there already why can't everyone see it?
Even if you are spiritually minded and strive for enlightenment and visualize yourself saying to your friends "I'm enlightened now" you are seeing enlightenment as making you better than your peers, that is your ego so instead of collapsing your ego you are making it stronger.

I only experienced enlightenment after I gave up trying to experience enlightenment, I didn't care any more in fact I not only gave up searching for enlightenment I gave up on life, giving up on life was the death of my ego which let me see my true nature clearly.

Good luck if you wish to consciously experience your true nature, there are many paths to the same truth of who we are, no right or wrong way, even if you never consciously experience it know that it doesn't matter anyway, it doesn't change anything, you and I are exactly the same.


dedroidify said...

Great post, very inspiring, thanks for sharing. 'Letting go' is indeed a key attitude.

101 said...

All spiritual practice whatever path we take ultimately leads us to spontaneous Surrender, giving in, totally letting go to the illusion of separate self.

Cheers for the comment dedroidify